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Inferno Chicken Wings               $7.99

Bourbon Chicken Wings             $7.49

Hot Wings                                  $7.99

French Fries                               $3.99

Bacon-N-Cheese Fries                 $6.29

Onion Rings                                     $5.29

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks           $6.79
(served with pizza sauce)

(6) Bread Sticks                          $4.99
(served with pizza sauce)  

(12) Bread Sticks (seved with pizza sauce)  $7.49

Mozzarella Cheese Bread           $4.99
(served with pizza sauce)

Garlic Bread                               $1.49
(per slice)



Dinner Salad                          $4.49
(fresh greens, olives, tomatoes, cheese, croutons)

Italian Chef's Salad                     $7.79
(fresh greens, ham, salami, tomatoes, cheese, croutons)

Caesar Salad                              $7.49
(served with garlic bread | Add chicken for 1.49)

Blackened Chicken
Caesar Salad                              $8.99

Chicken Salad
(with breaded or grilled chicken)

Tossed Green Salad                          $7.69


Henry Weinhardt's                   $2.19
(root beer, orange, vanilla cream, black cherry cream)

Coca Cola Freestyle                  $2.29
(free refills)

Coke 20oz. Bottle                     $1.79
(served ice cold)

Coke 2 Liter Bottle                    $2.79

Juice                                         $1.89

Milk                                          $1.99

Coffee                                       $1.79

Beer, Wine, Soda, Pop, Ice Tea, Coffee with JR. and SR. Menu

Cinnamon Bites                      $5.29
(family size - our in house specialty made fresh to order)

Cheesecake Bite                        
(raspberry or caramel cheesecake served in a chimi)

Hard Serve Ice Cream                 $3.00
(served in a cone)

Ice Cream Float                          $4.29
(in a cup served with your choice of soda)

(all burgers served with ketchup, mustard, thousand island, lettuce, tomatoes, pickle)
(Please add $1.00 for Onion rings, $.75 for Sidewinders)
(Gluten free bun available for $1.25)

Company Creek Big Burger   $10.29
(double meat, bacon, swiss & american cheese, mushrooms)

Hamburger                            $7.19

Cheeseburger                        $7.49

Double Cheeseburger            $9.49

Bacon Cheeseburger              $8.79

Double Bacon Cheeseburger  $9.89

Teriyaki Burger
(beef OR chicken/pineapple/mayo)               $7.39

BBQ Burger (beef or chicken/mayo)       $7.79

Mushroom Swiss Burger         $7.89

Fish Burger (tartar sauce, lettuce, tomato) $7.99

Chicken Burger (breaded or grilled)    $7.79

Black & Blue Burger (onions)       $7.79

Boneless Chicken Basket       $7.89

Fish & Chips Basket               $8.49

Breaded Shrimp Basket          $8.29


Spaghetti                            $8.59

Fettucinni Alfredo

Chicken Mushroom Alfredo $13.19

Fire Pasta (comes with chicken)    $15.19
(spicy alfredo sauce, onion, olive, mushroom, bacon, tomato)
Our pasta dinners put all others in the Valley to shame... doubt me, see for yourself - 509.682.2000 
(all subs served philly style warm or sub style cold with fries.
Substitute Sidewinder fries for $0.50.  Extra Topping: $1.25)

Company Creek Sub             $7.69
(salami, canadian bacon, tomatoes, italian dressing, mayo, mustard, american cheese)
The Domke Lake Sub            $7.99
(pepporni, salami, canadian bacon, tomatoes, italian dressing, mayo, mustard, green peppers)
The Chelan Goats Sub          $7.99
(pizza sauce, pepporni, mozzarella cheese, sausage, green peppers, onions, pineapple bits)
Pizzawich                             $7.89
(choose up to 4 toppings)(doesn't come with french fries)
The most mouth watering Pizza from Seattle to Spokane and in between... bring a bib!

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(pizzas begin with our special recipe red sauce & three cheese blend)

Cheese        $6.50(8")     $11.50(12")    $13.50(16")

Gluten Free                       $11.50(10")

Each Additional Topping
                     $1.25(8")      $1.75(12")      $2.25(16")

Canadian Bacon•Pepperoni•Italian Sausage•Polish Sausage•
SalamiĀ•Smoked Bacon•Hamburger•Chicken•Shrimp
AnchoviesMushroomsBlack OlivesPineappleFresh Tomatoes Sun Dried TomatoesGreen PepperOnions
Artichoke HeartsJalapenosGarlicPestoExtra Cheese

Famous Company Combo
(pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, olives)
                    $11.79(8")    $16.79(12")   $21.79(16")
(canadian bacon, pepperoni, sausage, hamburger, onions, green peppers, pineapple bits, mushrooms, olives, topped with fresh tomatoes)
                     N/A(8")       $20.79(12")   $26.79(16")
(taco seasoned meat, olives, topped with sour cream, lettuce, salsa, cheddar cheese)
$11.79(8")    $16.79(12")    $21.79(16")
The Aloha  
(canadian bacon, pineapple)
$8.79(8")      $13.79(12")    $17.79(16")
(canadian bacon, shrimp, green peppers, pineapples)
$11.79(8")    $16.79(12")    $19.79(16")

BBQ Beef or Chicken
(bbq sauce, beef or chicken, green peppers, onions)

                 $10.79(8")      $16.79(12")    $19.79(16")

Bacon Cheeseburger
(hamburger, onions, smoked bacon, topped with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, cheddar cheese)
                   $11.79(8")    $16.79(12")    $21.79(16")

Traditional Veggie
(green peppers, mushrooms, onions, olives, topped with fresh tomatoes)
$11.79(8")    $16.79(12")    $21.79(16")

California Veggie
(olive oil, pesto, garlic, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and artichoke hearts)
N/A(8")       $19.79(12")    $25.79(16")

Meat Eaters
(canadian bacon, pepperoni, hamburger, polish sausage)
$10.79(8")        $15.79(12")    $20.79(16")

Alfredo Garlic Chicken
(alfredo sauce, chicken, bacon bits, onions, mushrooms, garlic)
                   $19.79(12")    $22.79(16")

Hot Combo
(spicy pepperoni, sausage, jalapeno, onions)
                 $10.79(8")      $15.79(12")    $20.79(16")

Calzone      $12.79
(up to 4 toppings)

                 DELI STYLE BREAKFAST

            Made to Order | Fresh Ingredients
            (2) for $6.00     |     (3) for $8.00

                           7 Days a Week
                     Company Creek Pizza